We match startups with investors

We believe that the best way we can help startups is by making it easier for them to close real deals. Be it with investors, partners, future employees or acquirers. That is the sole purpose of Arctic15 – to help you find the one and close that deal. We also look for the best startups for our investors and try to have only the relevant people in the room.


Top Investors

Over the years, we have consistently had one of the top investor to startup ratios of any startup conference in the world. With an expected 350 investors and 450 startups, this will also be the case in 2019. Because of this ratio, at Arctic15 – investors do not hide their badges, they are here to invest.


Arctic15 will also be a place that will gather a large amount of SME’s and corporations that will be looking for innovation. That is an opportunity for startups present at the event to not only find clients but potential long-term partners. Who knows, this might even lead to an acquisition. If it does – do tell.

Team Members & Co-Founders

In addition to investors and potential partners, there will also be people looking for job opportunities and for startups to co-found. We love to hear stories of how people met at Arctic15, so if you meet a new employee or a cofounder at the event – do let us know.


At ArcticStartup, we strongly believe that it is revenues that drive businesses and not just investments. Therefore we hope that many of our startups will not be looking only for funding opportunities, but will also look for ways to make money during the two days at Arctic15.

Demo stands

Want to impress the investors? Get clients from among our audience? Increase the number of contacts you get from the event by up to 20 times? That’s what the demo stand is for.

Reach more investors, partners, employees and other contacts by getting a demo stand. Startup Demo Stand is available on either Day 1 or Day 2 of the event.

Our data shows that having a Demo Stand can increase the number of leads you get by upwards of 10-20 times compared to going it solo.


Network and close deals with investors and corporates

Ticket for 2 days
Pre-event matchmaking tool
Deal Room during the event
Food and beverage
Full program and workshops


Demo Stand

Showcase your startup to investors and clients. Find new talent

Demo Stand for 1 day (2x2m)
2 Startup Tickets for 2 Days
Pre-event matchmaking tool
Deal Room during the event
Food and beverage
Full program and workshops


“Arctic15 is focused on creating real value through connecting international investors, corporations, and startups.”

“The center of the conference is not the speakers on stage as at so many, but relationship building. People just kept chatting.”

“Largest startup event in Finland in the spring time, heavily focused on matchmaking and business connections.”