15 Principles

These 15 principles are guides that will help you get the most out of the event, treat them seriously and good results will follow


We do not believe in unicorns or the rockstar mentality of startup entrepreneurs. Instead – we want to see real businesses that solve real problems. At Arctic15 we do not chase Unicorns, we breed Alpacas. Stay real, talk about actionable business.


“Someone who lives in the now and always takes corrective action with full personal responsibility.” – this is our definition of an entrepreneur and we live by it. You don’t have to have a company to abide by this principle.

Personal Responsibility

At Arctic15, you get what you put in. Make it your responsibility to use the event to the full. Fill out your ticket profile, register for workshops, speed-dating sessions. Start using deal-room as soon as possible (Access opens two weeks before the event.). Prepare.


There should not be a moment at Arctic15 when you do not take action. There is always something to do, and if you find yourself in a moment when you do not know what to do next, take action and change that.


If you come to Arctic15, you are not a by-stander. Participate, engage with people, start conversations. We give you permission to approach anyone and just start talking.


We focus on quality, not quantity. Choose one or two favorite speakers, most relevant workshop, the track that you must listen to, the one amazing person that you have met. Think long-term and look for quality in everything that you do.


The event only lasts two days. Make the best out of it by preparing, filling up your calendar, booking meetings, and being efficient, healthy, and well rested.


You are not the drop in the ocean, you are a mighty ocean in a drop. How you talk, act and engage, defines the world around you, and thus the entire community. We encourage you to give your best to the community, and it will respond accordingly.


At Arctic15, we want to go beyond just business, beyond funding rounds, and business deals. We want to help you find real friends and business partners. So, do not just pitch your agenda/business. Ask questions, ask for advice, go beyond.


We bring the matchmakers to the event, to help you find and meet relevant people, but why not act as a matchmaker yourself? Found someone from a big bank, that should meet a startup you just had a meeting with? Introduce them.


Present the facts, do not deceive, do not boast or create false-claims. Be honest.


During Arctic15, we are all equal. We do not look at any differentiating factors, act and think accordingly. Everyone is a part of the event equally: speakers, investors, startups, volunteers, staff, chef’s. Everyone can benefit.


If you take the time to come to the event, make it a priority to be fully present at the moment. Please, do not book external meetings or Skype calls. Do not work on something that needs to be taken care of in a few days. Be present.

Minimum Viable Simulation

Arctic15 is a mirror for your success in business and your own life. How well you do here will show you, how well you can do within your business at this given moment in time. It is a simulation. Participate and get the most out of it.

Principle Acceptance

We have a principle that is all about accepting our principles. Should something feel out of place, we go back to this one and see if we have truly accepted all the other principles. You should too.

Build real human connections

Arctic15 is a meeting spot for startup entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and media from 60+ countries. We match businesses in the most efficient way.

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