Space Business Application Track

Limitless Space For Opportunities

Day 2 - Thursday 31 May 2018

If there is one industry in the world that has an unlimited potential for growth – it is space. Why? Because it brings an entirely new dimension to nearly any business here on Earth.

Space technology impacts various industries, be it mobility, health, logistics or any other – there is not limit. Because of space applications we now have fast speed internet on bullet trains and planes, are able to prevent natural disasters and tackle environmental challenges.

And this is only the beginning. The number of space applications in business is growing every year. The companies establishing themselves in space today, are likely to be industry leaders in the future, disrupting industries with new data and developments.


How Space Can Boost Your Business?

Newspace Economy
Arctic Research
Earth Observation
Weather Monitoring
Nanosatellites and so much more!



May 31, 2018
12.40 – 14.40

12.40 Track Launch by European Space Agency Business Applications
Gonzalo Martin de Mercado
12.45 Reverse Pitching: Your Business Powered by Space – ESA Business Applications Program.
Elia Montanari
13.05 Investors panel: Why invest in space?

Moderator: Stephan Reckie, Executive Director Space, GEN
Candace Johnson, EBAN Space
James Bruegger, Seraphim Capital
Gonzalo Martin de Mercado, ESA

13.25 Keynote: Industrial players.
Sauli Eloranta, Rolls Royce
13.40 Keynote: Finding clients for space startups.
Mikael Stern, Spacemetric
13.55 Keynote: Founder story
Pekka Laurila, CFO ICEYE
14.10 Startups Runway: Showcase
Lauri Haäme, Satellio
Boris Krassi, Delta Cygni Labs
Pavels Rozmajevs, Eventech
Madis Kimmel, SpaceIT
Host: Sissi Enestam, Aalto University




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May 31, 2018

Cable Factory / Kaapelitehdas
Tallberginkatu 1,
00180 Helsinki

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