Arctic15, June 5-6, Helsinki

“He who has a ‘why’ to live for can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, and the untalked side of it is that it is one of the most difficult ones in the world. The study by Small Business Economics found that 72% of entrepreneurs are affected by Mental Health problems.

How do the remaining 28% remain positive, unaffected, passionate, and yet productive? How to create and sustain motivation? How important is it to find your purpose and pass it on to everyone in the company? What is the role of management in a purpose-driven organization?

These are but some of the topics we will cover in the Mindset track at Arctic15. Do not miss out, what could turn out to be the key to your life-purpose.


Mindset track speakers

Adeo Ressi

Co-founder and CEO, Founder Institute

Adeo Ressi is CEO of the Founder Institute (, a pre-seed startup accelerator that operates in nearly 200 cities worldwide. Adeo has founded or run ten technology businesses, and he has developed a number of innovations that help startup companies. He is passionate about mentoring Founders, space exploration and inspiring people to achieve their greatness.

Dima Sarle

CEO, ArcticStartup

Dmitri is advocating true entrepreneurship and global unity through personal growth. Not a corporate “robot” nor a “startup hippie”. To that end he has co-founded 5 companies, started the Arctic15 Conference, ArcticStartup Media, #EUTechWriters Commission and serves as an advisor to Startup Europe and many startups. #Earthian

Stewart Rogers

Analyst-at-large, VentureBeat

Stewart Rogers has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, managing, and mentoring in tech. He is a journalist, author, and speaker on AI, AR/VR, blockchain, and other emerging technology industries, and is both Managing Editor at Grit Daily and Analyst-at-large VentureBeat. Prior to his roled in journalism, Rogers ran a number of successful software companies and held global roles in sales and marketing for businesses in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. He has contributed to several sales and marketing publications. A digital nomad with no fixed abode, Rogers also emcees major tech events across the globe, and in addition to keynoting on the topics above, also focuses on mental health in the tech industry.

Carl Frauenstein

Director of Program, Content and Coaching, Monacotech

I am a serial entrepreneur with a specific interest in the longer term effects and benefits of entrepreneurial activity. This is also one of my key considerations when investing. I focus specifically on early stage.

Currently I am driving the startup program at MonacoTech, a Monaco government initiative. Here I am responsible for guiding the members growth journey which includes liaising with mentors, service providers and investors.

I also mentor companies in Estonia and Latvia as well as Cyprus and the Netherlands.

Arctic15 Mindset track speakers

Track Program

Thursday, June 6th 2019

Track moderator: Dima Sarle – CEO, ArcticStartup


Keynote: Management Is A Hoax
Dima Sarle ― CEO, ArcticStartup


Keynote: Healing, Happiness and Purpose in Startups
Adeo Ressi ― CEO, founder, Founder Institute


Keynote: What Is Going Wrong With Mental Health In The Tech Industry?
Stewart Rogers ― Analyst-at-large, VentureBeat


Panel: The Mindset Of The Richest (Wo)man In 2050
Moderator: Dima Sarle ― CEO, ArcticStartup
Marvin Liao ― Partner, 500 Startups
Adeo Ressi ― CEO, founder, Founder Institute
Carl Frauenstein ― Director of Program, Content and Coaching, Monacotech
Stewart Rogers ― Analyst-at-large, VentureBeat

Arctic15, Helsinki 5-6 of June

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Arctic15 is the most effective matchmaking startup event in Northern Europe. The focus is on making deals and quality networking. The 2-day event brings together a focused international crowd of startups, investors, corporates, media and influencers.

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The event is organized by ArcticStartup, a startup media covering Nordics and Baltics since 2007.