AI & Data

Arctic15, June 5-6, Helsinki

In 2019, almost any business is working with AI one way or another. Automation technologies have affected everything, from healthcare and education to marketing and sales processes. Machine learning has enabled systems to learn on their own, leaving us humans with more creative management tasks.

At the AI track, we are not going to judge whether that is a good or bad thing. Instead, we are going to look into how to tame the ever-growing AI and turn it into a friendly tool for businesses and their employees.

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AI & Data speakers

Jeff Pulver

Executive Vice Chairman, Skrumble

Throughout his highly successful international career, Jeff Pulver contributed to helping to launch the VoIP industry in 1995 and helped grow it to what has now become a two trillion dollar global industry in 2019. As an Internet Pioneer known for his work in VoIP, Jeff literally helped change the way the world communicates. Jeff launched the first phone network on the Internet known as Free World Dialup in 1995; launched the VoIP Industry Trade Show VON in 1997; founded the company which is now known as Vonage in 1998 and worked with policy makers in Washington, D.C. which resulted in the landmark order issued by the FCC in 2004 known as “The Pulver Order.”

His work in Washington on getting “The Pulver Order” passed is the reason services like: FaceTime, Telegram and WhatsApp are free both in the US and in over 100 countries around the world. Jeff has influenced the creation of numerous startups and has invested in over 400 startups. Currently exploring the intersection of: Blockchain and Finance. As Co-Founder of The Local Group, Jeff is a passionate advocate of Programmable Securities and Digital Assets. Strategic adviser to Blockchain projects.

Details. Jeff Pulver can be described as: Internet Pioneer, VoIP; Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Strategist, Astrophotographer, Futurist, Life / Business Coach. Helped shape the worldwide market acceptance of VoIP; Founder / co-founder of numerous startups including: Free World Dialup,, VON, Vivox and Vonage. Veteran of the Tradeshow industry; producer, host, curator of events. Jeff is also involved in public policy advocacy and is the founder of both the VON Coalition and the Blockchain Token Association

Known as a globally renowned Internet thought leader. In 1995 defined ``VON`` to stand for Voice/Video on the Net. From 1997 to 2008 he hosted/produced the VON Conferences and drove the growth of the global VoIP Industry.

Mr. Pulver is committed to the future of the Internet and is featured in the media as an expert in his field.

— The Pulver Order —

On February 12, 2004, Mr. Pulver's petition for clarification declaring Free World Dialup as an unregulated information service was granted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This landmark decision was the first decision it made on IP communications. Now referred to as ``the Pulver Order``, the ruling provides important clarification that computer-to-computer VoIP service is not a telecommunications service. By doing this, the FCC delivered a strong signal to consumers and capital markets that the FCC is not interested in subjecting end-to-end IP Communications services to traditional voice telecommunications regulation under the Communications Act.

Anna Puustell

Innovation Lead, Senior Manager, Accenture

Anna leads Accenture Finland’s innovation agenda. She has a strong passion on new technologies that enable significant change in the way business is done. Anna’s background is in technology strategy consulting, communication strategy & development, and digital transformation program delivery. She has a thorough understanding of the possibilities new emerging technologies bring and how to get people onboard to actually make the change happen.

Anna sees that strategic landscaping and business agility are two topics that are becoming more and more relevant for business renewal discussions. The amount of data enables smart organizations to transform their thinking from being reactive to changes in business environment to being proactive in shaping the market around them. Anna believes a strong strategy is key to making the right investments for transformation and that you can make your AI vision a reality by knowing where to start and how to scale.

Marko Vänskä

Head of Industry, Growth Capital, Business Finland

Entrepreneur and Innovation leader with business management experience from different business domains including technology, customer services, user experience, fintech, games, corporate venturing and start-ups.

Harri Valpola

CEO and founder, Curious.AI

Harri Valpola (Ph.D.) is the CEO and founder of the Curious AI Company, which was founded in 2015. The long-term goal of the company is to develop artificial general intelligence. At the moment, the company is developing technologies for enterprise automation and intelligent control. Harri started his academic career in 1993 and has been working on machine learning, computational neuroscience, and robotics over the years. In 2007, he founded ZenRobotics Ltd., which applies machine learning in advanced robotics, currently in robotic recycling.

Ekaterina Almasque

Venture Partner, OpenOcean

Ekaterina (Katya) is a Venture Partner at OpenOcean and she leads the London Team and Operations.

Before joining OpenOcean, Katya was a Managing Director of the Samsung Catalyst Fund in Europe, Samsung’s Electronics $500M venture capital multistage investment fund focused on core technology areas including robotics, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, digital health, data infrastructure and device level technologies. She led investments across Europe in leading companies such as GraphCore, Mapillary, AIMotive, Sentiance and Quobyte, as well as several venture funds.

For over ten years prior to that, Katya was part of several corporate and independent venture capital funds in Silicon Valley and Europe, including EMC and Siemens Venture Capital. Additionally she was a founding partner of a global private equity advisory firm specializing in high-tech growth companies with $1B+ markets in the technology and environmental sectors, where she led investments in the US, Brazil, and Europe.

Noora Vesterinen

Product Owner for customer-facing virtual agents, Nordea

Noora is passionate about improving customer and employee experiences using modern technologies. Her career started as a recruiter but today she is developing virtual agents for Nordea’s customers in the Nordics. Noora has seen the unrealistic expectations that are sometimes created by the hype around AI solutions, so as a Product Owner, her job is to translate customer and business needs and wishes into concrete technical requirements. Noora sees that bringing AI-based solutions to customer service is more than just the algorithms – a successful implementation requires a solid business case, quality data, supporting technology and architecture, and people to use the solution.

Konsta Saarela

Director of Accenture Liquid Studios, Accenture

Konsta is an experienced business leader and sales executive with track record of growing and running successful businesses both in Finland and in Europe. In his current role, Konsta is responsible for running Accenture Liquid Studios in the Nordics and developing Accenture’s AI Offering. Konsta also works as a startup advisor at Sniffie and a few other companies.

Kia Tahvanainen

AI Lead, Telia Finland

Kia Tahvanainen is AI Lead in Telia Finland. She is constantly finding ways to apply and implement artificial intelligence and machine learning into the business processes. Her background is with information systems and robotic process automation, which has generated over 10 million € savings to Telia Finland during the last couple of years. Her goal at Telia is to make her co-worker's life more effective and meaningful and use innovations to create value to our customers and boost their business. She’s interested in new technologies but also people and change management. Finding new ways to solve business problems is her passion.

Lars Ropeid Selsås

Founder and CEO,

Lars is the technical powerhouse behind, and his groundbreaking code is the basis on which the company’s conversational AI is founded. He has a deep understanding of high-performance code, big data, deep learning and natural language technology. Lars spent a number of years in Silicon Valley working for some of the world’s leading artificial intelligence and natural language technology companies before returning to Norway to found

Pia Erkinheimo


Pia Erkinheimo, ``jacquiline of all trades`` in innovation, is a co-founder at – culture analytics company driving change in organisations and the whole society by using AI and machine learning for natural language processing NLP. Besides that she chairs the board of SOLVED – The Marketplace for sustainability-related knowledge work and acts as a board member for Heart2Save, MedTech & AI company using algorithm for identifying arrythmia. Pia is an active angel investor and member of FiBAN – Finnish Business angels network. Pia has worked at Nordea's Startup & Growth team as responsible for investor deal flow. She pioneered platform thinking in DIGILE, The Finnish Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation in Internet Economy as Head of Crowds and Communities and in Nokia Corporate Strategy and CTO’s Office as Head of Innovation Crowdsourcing. Employee Transformation & M&A was in her focus during Capgemini Consulting years.

Pia holds an MA in behavioural sciences and combines it with industrial management and strategy studies (University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Minnesota). Her Ph.D. studies (on-going) at Aalto University has taken her to e.g. University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business, USA. Her motto is: “As for the future, your task is not to foresee it but to enable it.” – by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, father of “Le Petit Prince”.

Chris Pfaff

CEO, Chris Pfaff Tech

Chris Pfaff is a leading new media and technology producer and strategist. He is
renowned for integrating leading-edge technology into the media and entertainment
community. He was the first to use IRC for an interactive corporate webcast; produced
one of the first DVDs, in March, 1997; produced the first HD animated logo; produced
numerous multipoint broadband events in the late-1990s; produced some of the first
mobile short films in 2002-2003, and produced the first Twitter Wall in 2011.
His company, Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC, provides strategy and marketing
services for leading technology service providers, technology firms, and new media
companies worldwide. Since founding Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC in 2002, Chris has
represented a wide range of clients, including strategic ventures from Eastman Kodak,
PRIMEDIA, Cantor Telecom, and ASCAP, and firms ranging from mobile content
distributor Thumbplay, video encoding firm On2 Technologies (sold to Google), and 3D
face and body animation production studio face2face animation. He leads a global team
that works with a large, and growing, number of North American and European ventures.
Chris was one of the founders of the Producers Guild of America (PGA) New
Media Council East, and served as chairman of the group from 2007-2013. He served as
the vice chairman of the national PGA New Media Council from 2011-2013, for which he
served as a delegate from 2006-2013, and also served as a delegate on the PGA Board
of Directors from 2008-2013.
Prior to launching Chris Pfaff Tech/Media, Chris was involved with the early-
stage ventures GeoVideo Networks and MobileQ, and previously had helped launch
more than 16 ventures with the Lucent New Ventures Group and Bell Labs, including
Lucent Digital Radio (now iBiquity Digital), SyChip (sold to Murata), e-Ink, Flarion (sold
to Qualcomm), and savaJe (sold to Sun Microsystems), among many others. While at
AT&T Corp., he helped launch AT&T WorldNet Service and the AT&T NetWare Connect
Service, and also helped launch the AT&T Personal Online Services division. Prior to
this, he represented such clients as Sony Electronics; Viacom New Media, Sharp
Electronics, and Kyocera, among others. He began his career in the music industry,
representing clients including Yamaha Corporation; Hal Leonard Publishing, and working
with a wide range of musical artists and producers, including such notable figures as
Walter Becker, Chick Corea, Wynton Marsalis, and Phil Ramone.

Paavo Beckman

CEO, Catapult

Arctic15 Ai & Data speakers

AI & Data
Track Program

Thursday, June 6th 2019

Track moderator: Konsta Saarela ― Director of Accenture Liquid Studios, Accenture


Opening Words
Konsta Saarela ― Director of Accenture Liquid Studios, Accenture


Panel: Startup & Corporate Collaboration in AI
Konsta Saarela ― Director of Accenture Liquid Studios, Accenture
Lars Selsås ― Founder and CEO,
Kia Tahvanainen ― Head of AI, Telia
Noora Vesterinen ― Product Owner of Nova, Nordea’s customer-facing chatbot, Nordea


Keynote: The Evolution of Conversational Interfaces
Jeff Keni Pulver ― Executive Vice Chairman, Skrumble


Investor & Founder Talk
Harri Valpola ― CEO and founder, Curious.AI
Ekaterina Almasque ― Venture Partner, OpenOcean Capital


Fireside chat
Moderator: Chris Pfaff
Piia Erkinheimo ― iloom


AI API Sandbox – DealFlow Tool
Marko Vänskä ― Head of Industry, Growth Capital, Business Finland


How Corporates and Investors Find the Best Startups by Utilizing AI
Paavo Beckman ― CEO, Catapult

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