Demo stands

Want to impress the investors? Get clients from among our audience? Increase the amount of contacts you get from the event by up to 20 times? That’s what the demo stand is for.

Demo Stand

Reach more investors, partners, employees and other contacts by getting a demo stand. Startup Demo Stand is available on either Day 1 or Day 2 of the event.

Our data shows that having a Demo Stand can increase the number of leads you get by upwards of 10-20 times compared to going it solo.

What you get

– 2×2 meter area
– Cocktail table
– 1 electricity outlet
– Colourful carpet
– Wall for the info poster
– Info poster (size A2)
– Place to put your rollup

Startups Demo Area will also have a Matchmaker that will help startups navigate through the area and find right connections.