Arctic15 Funding

Arctic15 Funding Program gives an opportunity to Nordic & Baltic pre-seed and seed startups for a syndicate deal from angel investors. The program is organized in collaboration with FiBAN and the Nordic Angel Program. The 2018 edition was a success with a 115 000 EUR investment into Screenful.

In order to succeed in the Funding Program you need to realize the following pearls of wisdom:

It’s a journey, not a destination. The program lasts for 3,5 months and culminates on June 5-6 at Arctic15 with a signed deal.

Success is not an accident. During the program, startups work closely with investors to ensure that everyone is on the same track.

Action Matters. Arctic15 2019 edition is all about action, and that applies to the Funding program as well. The outcome of the program proportionate to your own input. Don’t sit and wait. Act!


Stage: Pre-seed or seed stage startups.
Region: From Northern Europe
When: Aim to close their funding round within the next three to four months
Type Of An Investment: Cross-border syndicate with angel investors from the Nordics & Baltics


An opportunity for a smart investment from the Nordic and Baltic angel investors
Feedback and an expanded network regardless of the result.
Nordic & Baltic Exposure to investors, potential partners and media
Stage Time at Arctic15

Getting into the Program

The first stage is a no-brainer and really quick. Once you have provided your contact information, we will invite you to create an account and provide your company information on the co-investment platform Startup Includer and that’s it. Once on the platform, investors will screen startups, show their interest and join forces with fellow investors for making a group investment. At this stage, we will not ask too many questions, so it’s very simple to apply.

Let’s Get Serious

After the application deadline, we will screen the applied companies and will send additional questions and information for you to fill out. We aim to make this process simple, but also educational and useful to both startups and investors.

Public Voting

Selected startups will enter a period of public voting. Everyone will get a chance to vote for their favorite company from the Nordics and Baltics. The ability of a team to gather a buzz around themselves is a strong indication of their ability to succeed and gain traction. The voting results will not only be shared with all the investors, but the results themselves will act as if they were a voting investor on the jury.

Due Diligence Process & Negotiation

Unlike many other programs, we want to make sure that the investors are the right match for our startups. Therefore, we will encourage a due diligence process that will go both ways. This is not only about investors choosing the right startups, but also vice-versa.

At this stage, we will also bring out the paperwork and will begin negotiating the Term Sheets. Only companies that are serious and ready to sign will be taken to the finals.

The Meetup

Now it’s time to meet and make your relationships stronger. We will organize a startup & investor meetup on April 25th in Helsinki. This meetup can also be joined remotely.

Media Announcement Of Finalists

It is important that we take good care of our top15 finalists, so we will start by making their names known to as many media outlets as possible and will also be sharing the news on


All Arctic15 investors will be invited to invest into our top15 finalists and to show their commitments directly at the event with the help from the co-investment platform Startup Includer. At the minimum, one investment will be made by the Nordic Angel Program investors and possibly a total of 15 investments.

The Top15 startups will also have a chance to present on one of the main stages at the event, but perhaps most importantly – Deal Room matchmaking tool will be encouraging every investor to book 1-on-1 meetings with our finalists.

Follow up Training

Training session about growth tools and building up a board for both investors and startups.