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A complete guide to your first 6 months of content marketing

Here you are – at the very start of your business journey, with limited time and resources but full of passion and ambition to make the world a better place.

Starting from scratch is always harder than taking over something that is already up and running. As you focus on polishing your product, making the first sales and landing your first partnerships, marketing is often not on the top of your to-do list. The reality is, however, – the earlier you start to market your business, the faster will it payback a hundredfold.

In these pages, you will find guidance and fresh ideas on how to approach your first 6 months content marketing plan and what to focus on first for best results.

  • Do you struggle with your content marketing?
  • Is explaining what you do sounds complicated?
  • Are you struggling to get new leads?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the need to create content?
  • Is it time to revamp your social media accounts?
  • Did your recent marketing effort fail to bring the results you expected?
  • Does marketing strategy give you a headache?

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