Gil Penchina serial entrepreneur and prolific angel investor

Gil Penchina

Gil Penchina is a serial entrepreneur and prolific angel investor

He is the founder of which manages over 25 investment syndicates supported by over 3,000 other angels via AngelList

He is a co-founder of Fastly, and Vouch Financial.  Previously he was CEO of Wikia, now a top 50 website and was a member of the pre-IPO team at eBay.  Before eBay, Gil worked at General Electric, Bain & Co. and started two small technology companies. He has a Bachelors in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Kellogg.

In addition, Gil has been an active angel investor in 70 companies over the last 12 years including firms such as Linkedin, Paypal, Beepi, Zirx, AngelList, AltSchool, eShares, Joist, Boost Media,, Wealthfront, Indiegogo, Datanyze, Songpop and many others.


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