Ben Sun Founding Partner, Angel Joy Investment; Partner, Angel Challenge

Ben Sun

Benjamin Sun, Founding Partner, Angel Joy Investment; Partner, Angel Challenge

Benjamin Sun is an active angel investor, associated with several angel networks in China and US.  He also co-invests with institute investors in innovation space. Ben is passionate about building innovative eco-systems and facilitating entrepreneurs to attain success in their ventures.  He is keen to the world’s trending technologies, business, cross-boarder business, and culture affairs.  Through over 15+ years of cross boarder business experience between China and US, Ben has established extensive business network that is favorable for innovation.  

Ben’s career path involves industry sectors in healthcare, IT, government economic development, NGO, and consulting, including institutes such as NCI, Chiron, Novartis, McKesson, and San Francisco Center for Economic Development, etc.  He also serves boards in several startups in Silicon Valley and China.

Ben has managed angel investor network and associated with several angel groups such as K4, Sand Hill Angels, AngelVest, and funds such as Liquid 2 Venture, TLSK Capital, etc.  

Ben received M.S. and B.S.  in Biochemistry from University of Nevada, Reno. He is fluent in English Mandarin, Shanghainese and other Chinese local dialects.


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